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Pre/After Care

St. Joseph School Precare/Aftercare


St. Joseph School Before/Aftercare Program FAQs

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Q: What are the hours of operation?

A: The program operates only on days school is in session. Before Care operates from 6:30am - 8:15am, Monday - Friday. Aftercare operates from 3:25pm - 5:30pm. At this time Aftercare will not be offered on early dismissal days.

Q: What is the registration fee? Is it per student?

A: The $20 registration fee will currently be charged per family, regardless of how many students are enrolled.The fee will help cover our minor supply costs and to ensure we have back up snacks when students forget theirs at home. We will not be able to provide breakfast or snacks to our students at this time, but we know on occasion it will be forgotten and we don’t want a student to go hungry. We will also offer an occasional craft or activity, especially during the cold weather months when outdoor play is not feasible.

Q: If I sign my child up for 3 days per week commitment, and we miss a day due to a schedule change or illness, will I receive a refund for that day?

A:  The program commitment fees are non-refundable. Our cost structure provides discounts for families who enroll in a program commitment. If a family’s schedule changes and they need to reduce their program commitment, changes can be made on a month-to-month basis.

Q: If I sign my child up for a 5 days per week commitment, and we find out mid month that we only need 3 days per week, can I reduce my commitment?

A: The commitments may be changed on a month-to-month basis only. Of course you can send your child less or more by communicating that to your Program Leader, however program commitments are not refundable. Additional days will be charged the following month.

Q: If I commit my child to 3 days per week, but I need an occasional 4th day, how will that be charged or scheduled?

A:  If a family needs to pick up occasional extra days, please communicate those days to the Program Leader and your monthly charge will include those extra days at the rate of your commitment. Please provide as much notice to your Program Leader as possible (at least 24 hours notice, unless an unforeseen event occurs.)

For example, if your child attends 3x per week regularly at the $5 daily rate and you know you will need 2 extra days next month, you will be charged $10 extra on your monthly bill to account for those 2 days.

Q: If I have 2 children, can I purchase one 10 Punch Pass and use it for both children? 

A: Each “punch” is equivalent to 1 before/aftercare session for 1 child. Yes, you can purchase one 10 Punch Pass and use it for 2 children for 5 before or aftercare sessions.