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Pre/After Care


St. Joseph School will again offer pre and after care for its students during the 2018-2019 school year. 

Hours of the program will be from 7:00-8:15AM and 3:30-6:00PM daily.

Rates are $8.00 per morning for one child and $9.00 per afternoon.

Fees are to be prepaid. If a child's fee is not prepaid, they will not be allowed to stay. (Emergencies are the only exception!)


The purpose of St. Joseph Pre/After Care Program is to provide the children of our faith community with a safe and fun after school environment. We will be trying to meet the needs of your children by providing them with positive ways to spend the time when you find it necessary to be away from them. 

There are several points that need to be stressed for all participating families:

1. We will expect reasonable behavior from all children. If your child is a behavior problem, we will notify you immediately. We will not provide an enviroment for someone who refuses to behave.

2. Each and every time that a child is brought to school and placed in the Pre/After Care Program, a parent or responsible adult must sign in that child. If this does not happen, we will be forced to assume the child(ren) arrived at 7:00AM and charge accordingly. Children participating in After Care will be signed in by the school staff. No child will be allowed to leave at any time without being signed out by a person who you have listed on your registration form. (Please note that if a situation changes in your home and you find it necessary to change authorization for pickup, you should do so immediately!)

3. All participants are to use the parking lot doors on the north end of the school building.

4. 30 minutes daily will be designated as homework time. Younger children not having homework will do quiet activities.


Pre/AfterCare Handbook