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Dress Code


In accordance with Illinois Public Act 102-0360 (SB817), no diocesan school shall prohibit
hairstyles historically associated with race, ethnicity, or hair texture, including, but not limited to,
protective hairstyles such as braids, locks, and twists. Students who disrupt the educational
process or compromise standards of health and safety will be asked to modify their appearance.
Adopted: 8/2021
Revised: 8/2022

St. Joseph Catholic School students should be dressed in accordance with the philosophy and spirit of the school,and in accordance with the learning atmosphere which the school creates and maintains. No student should feel better or worse than any other student because of their appearance. This allows the students to focus on their primary function in school, which is to receive a strong Christian education.

 School is for education; therefore, students must be attired and groomed modestly in such a manner as not to be a source of distraction or offense to other students while attending school. This dress code attempts to balance affordability while maintaining a serious learning environment where all can succeed. The dress code is based on the discretion and interpretation of the administration and the code will be reviewed annually by the Commission on
Education and revisions or clarifications may be proposed as necessary. 

 Parents are encouraged to bring in questionable clothing for approval. In other words, “When in doubt, ask,” or better yet, “When in doubt, don’t wear it.” Once a student has been notified that a particular clothing article is not appropriate, that article may not be worn to school again. If an item is not listed in the dress code, it is not a part of our dress code and cannot be worn at school.

Students must be in school dress code each attendance day unless otherwise specified by administration. For example, a non-dress code day may be permitted for certain field trips depending on the activity students are attending, or such as 8th graders at May Crowning who may wear dress-up clothes. Approval must be granted by the administration.

Students must comply with the school dress code during all school Mass and church services. Students will not be permitted to wear their coats, sweatshirts, and other non-dress code clothing during this time. Students may wear approved school fleece jackets and sweaters during Mass if they are cold.


Grades Kindergarten - 8th Grade

● Short or long sleeve Oxford, polo style with plain collar, or turtleneck (Non-form fitting shirts are allowed)
● Solid white, navy blue or red
● No shirts with any other logos will be allowed
● Undershirt or camisole must be solid white pants/slacks
● Solid navy or khaki dress pants with waistbands and/or zippers (no contrasting stitching, trim, decorative pockets or cargo pants)
● No denim-like material allowed
   Shorts: may ONLY be worn during the months of August, September, October, April and May
● Solid navy or khaki walking shorts with waistband and/or zipper
● Must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee
● No cargo styles
● No denim-like material allowed


● Solid tights must be all white or navy (no lace or embellishments or logos)
● Socks are required at all times – socks must be one solid color, either navy, black, or white


● Green plaid jumpers or skirts
● Khaki or navy blue jumpers or skirts
● No shorter than 2 inches above knee
● Solid navy or black shorts must be worn under jumpers and skirts (Leg warmers and sweatpants may not be worn under the skirts in school)

● Solid black, brown or navy

● Solid navy or royal blue or red
● Vests, cardigans, V-neck, or crewed
● Only St. Joseph logos purchased through Parents’ Club sales will be allowed. No other logos will be allowed on sweaters and sweatshirts.  No outside sweatshirts are allowed unless used as outerwear and removed when in the building.


Jewelry (Modest jewelry is allowed for girls)
● One non-dangling post earring in each ear (Only one earring per ear in the lower lobe is        allowed)
● One religious necklace or scapular allowed.
● Digital and Analog Watches permitted (Smart Watches/Fitbits/Jawbone, etc. will be treated as electrical devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc. and will be securely locked during the school day) 

● One religious jelly bracelet is allowed
● Boys may not wear earrings.
For safety reasons, no rings or bracelets are allowed

● Clean, well groomed, and conservative hairstyle
● No distracting hair color or “fad” styles; hair color must be one’s natural hair coloring
● Boys only: hair must be 3 inches or shorter
● Boys’ hair must be above the shirt collar, above the eyebrows & must be cut so the entire
ear is showing at all times. Shaved designs are not allowed. The principal will decide the suitability of hairstyles.
● All hair accessories must be worn appropriately and not interfere with the classroom environment. All colors and patterns are allowed (this includes all bobby pins, ponytail
holders, headbands, etc.) If an adult in the building asks for the student to remove the
item. The student is to comply and not return to school wearing that item again.

● Solid brown or black dress shoes must be worn during the school day
● Athletic shoes may be worn if they are all black
● Dress or athletic shoes must have laces, Velcro, buckle, or slip-on with a back
● Non-marking tennis shoes are required during PE classes only and can be any color
● Flip-Flops, slippers, moccasins, Heelys, or any type of wheelie shoes are not allowed

Makeup/Tattoos/Body Piercing/ Nails
● Girls may not wear make-up in any grade
● No body art or piercing of any kind that is visible
● Students are not permitted to wear fake, acrylic nails
● Finger nail polish must be the same color for all nails
● If nail polish becomes a classroom distraction, a student will be asked to remove it.

Dress pants/Shorts/Jumpers/Skirts must be purchased in the “uniform section” of only the following stores: Target, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Aeropostale, Sears, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Land’s End, Sam Harris, etc.


Plaid jumpers or skirts must be purchased only from Lagron-Miller.

Grades 7 & 8 Only
Following the same guidelines above, may also include black color for tops and sweatshirts. (No form-fitting shirts allowed).

Free Dress Days
On free dress days, students must dress in a manner befitting a Catholic school and follow the uniform guidelines for length, shoe styles, and overall modesty. Shirts that advertise drugs, alcohol, heavy rock bands, or have inappropriate language are not acceptable. Tank tops or tank dresses are not acceptable. Anything that would be deemed immodest will not be allowed for the school uniform and/or for free dress days. Clothing with holes or tears is not appropriate. The Principal, in consultation with the Pastor, makes this determination.