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Volunteer Requirements

The Diocese of Peoria has many policies in place in order to provide safety for all the children in our care.  If you want to volunteer or help out in the school setting, even just one time, you must complete the four components listed below:

1) Watch "Safe Environment" videos on CMG Connect.

(“Safe Environment” used to be called “Protecting God’s Children”.  If you participated in “Protecting God’s Children” you will not have to take “Safe Environment”)

2) Complete a form to have the Department of Children and Family Services do a background check.  Just stop in the office and we will give you the form to complete and return to the office.  The forms must be sent in from the office and returned to the office to be valid.  There is no cost for this section.

3) Fill out our Criminal History Background Form which is also found in the office. We now use a different system instead of fingerprinting for volunteers.

4) Complete the three driving courses on the CMG Connect website. There is no cost for this section. 

Before you can volunteer or help in any capacity this school year, you must first have all components.  We go through this whole process because the children are our most valuable assets in the school.  Thank you for volunteering your time!



As Christian adults, we have a moral and legal responsibility and are entrusted by God with the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of minors.  As they participate in activities within our school, it is our commitment to provide an environment which is safe and nurturing.  In accordance with the Diocese of Peoria policy to offer continued Safe Environment Awareness to all employee and volunteers.

All diocesan employees…clergy, religious, laity, and those volunteers who have routine contact with our children, MUST BE TRAINED in safe environment awareness issues along with fingerprinting, CANTS and Defensive Driving. 

If you are planning to participate in any field trips, assisting within the school, classroom parties, and/or extra-curricular events, please contact the school office at 309/347-7194 if you have any questions.