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Online Account

Thank you for registering for our SCRIP program! To use our convenient system, follow a few steps.

1. Go to the website

2. You will see a green box on the left side of the screen that says "Family Sign Up". Click on "Create Account".

3. Follow the steps on the next screen to set up your account. Please fill in the information. We suggest using your email address as your user name. Select "I Accept" at the bottom when completed. Please answer the security questions following their prompts.

4. After you have set up your account, the next page will ask for an Enrollment Code: 7741F93A349L

5. The next screen should say that you are a member of St. Joseph Parents' Club. You can click on the "Place Order" button and place your first online order.

6. You should choose to receive promotional messages and e-mails. Retailers' contribution percentages change frequently and this is the best way to keep up on temporary increases. Many retailers increase their percentages for short periods of time, especially around holidays.

To Set Up Your PrestoPay Account: uses an online payment service similar to PayPal called PrestoPay. You need to set this up through the website. There is a 48-hour waiting period after you initially set up this service so you may not be able to use it for your first order. If that is the case for you, go ahead and do your order online and send us a check/cash on Monday morning. Note: There is a 15 cent charge each time you use PrestoPay. This is a charge from SCRIP and not from SJS. 

Some Hints for Using

**You can set up a "Favorites" list for quicker ordering. This will help with the gift cards you order on a regular basis.

**It will take a few minutes, but you should go to the complete list of retailers and check it out. To do this, click the dark blue "SHOP" tab at the top of the home page. This list has the most up-to-date retailers and their contribution percentages. New retailers are always joining the SCRIP program, so if you are looking for something that isn't on there at first, check back after a while.

**Some retailers allow you to reload their cards online at This is the easiest and most convenient way for you to use SCRIP. You must have and use a PrestoPay account. It generally takes 24 hours from the time you do this for the money to be placed on your card. 

**Some retailers allow you to buy a ScripNow! eCard. Unexpected shopping you wish you could have done with SCRIP? No problem. With ScripNow! you can easily and quickly order and download eCards from a growing number of America's favorite retailers, and benefit your favorite non-profit organization. Each one is also available to be sent to a friend or loved one as an eGift. See online for details.

Questions? Please contact Whende Rueschhoff at or (309)545-6038