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St. Joseph School K-8 Tuition/Fee Schedule 2024-2025

St. Joseph School, where we Learn our Faith, Live our Faith, and Prepare for the Future



Unleash Potential at St. Joseph School: Academic Excellence & Beyond!


“Ready to ignite your child's curiosity and nurture their academic growth?”  At St. Joseph School, we empower students to become thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders of tomorrow!"  We encourage students' success in all areas of our curriculum.  Student success is a reflection of our commitment to a school culture that is child-centered and student-focused.    We strive for Academic Excellence and believe that 100% of our 4th-8th graders making High Honor/Honors for a quarter is a leading example of that goal.  We believe that each child has the potential to be successful in school.  We invite to visit with us and explore the educational opportunities!


“When I got to Pekin High School as a freshman, I was part of the Double AA English program for advanced students.  We started out on grammar.  For me,it was easy, but students educated in public schools were just lost.  I realized right then that I had received a much different education at St. Joseph School.”

                                                                                                                                          Moriah Weghorst

                                                                                                                                          SJS Class of 2010



At SJS, we believe that each person is a unique creation of God and that every child has been given special gifts and talents.  It is because of this philosophy that we offer enrichment and extra-curricular programs to our students.


Extra-curricular programs include:  Choir, Lego League, Speech League, Stem Club, Student Council, and Scholastic Bowl.

Athletic Programs include:  Boys' Basketball, Girls' Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, and Track.

SJS Girls'Basketball




“As an SJS Alumni, the decision to enroll our boys at SJS has been one my husband and I were very satisfied with.  We feel blessed to have this wonderful school in our community.  It is our sincere hope that this tradition will be able to continue and thrive for many years to come.  We encourage any parent or grandparent, guardian, aunt or uncle who has the opportunity to have the children in their lives join the SJS family to please do so - it is an investment into their future!”

                                                                                                                                             Rhodora Kabatay-Lee Ho, MD

                                                                                                                                             SJS Class of 1986

SJS Lego League


Join our vibrant school community and discover a world of educational opportunities for your child. Explore our rigorous curriculum, enriching extracurricular activities, and a supportive environment where curiosity thrives.

Ready to make the switch? Learn how our generous transfer grant can make transitioning to St. Joseph School is smooth and affordable.  

Schedule a tour, call us at 309-347-7194 or email Colette Willoughby at: