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Angel Fund

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we are journeying through this Advent season, joyfully awaiting the coming of our Lord, we naturally find ourselves wanting to share the blessings our God has given us with others.  No doubt this is the driving force behind our giving presents to our family members and friends on Christmas, which is certainly a laudable practice on our part.

St. Joseph School would like to remind parishioners, alumni, grandparents and friends of the school about another way to share God’s blessings as we approach Christmas—namely through the Angel Fund tuition assistance program.  The Angel Fund program was set up as a way for St. Joseph Parish to be able to provide tuition assistance to parishioners who would like to send their children to St. Joseph School, but who might not otherwise be able to afford the tuition.  Over the years, St. Joseph Parish has been able to do much good with the generous donations made to the Angel Fund; we hope to be able to continue doing the same for years to come.

Your generous donation to the Angel Fund will make a difference in the lives of fellow parishioners, allowing students the opportunity to learn our Catholic faith and live it in their lives, all the while receiving the high quality of education that St. Joseph School is known to provide.  Your generous donation will help students obtain that strong foundation, both spiritually and academically, that will prepare them for whatever God has planned for them in the future.

As you consider the various gifts and presents you will give out this Christmas, please prayerfully consider St. Joseph School’s Angel Fund as well!  Below are listed some suggested levels of gifts to the Angel Fund; but please note that no donation is too small, and just might make the difference between a young parishioner receiving a Catholic education or not.

If you would like to become an “angel” for some parishioners, please fill out the form below and return it to St. Joseph School, 300 South Sixth Street, Pekin, IL 61554.  If you have any questions, please call the St. Joseph School office at (309) 347-7194.

Angel Fund Sponsor Form

________ I would like to donate $3,540.00 to the Angel Fund (one year’s tuition)

________ I would like to donate $1,770.00 to the Angel Fund (one-half year’s tuition)

________ I would like to donate $885.00 to the Angel Fund (one-quarter year’s tuition)

________ I would like to donate $__________ to the Angel Fund

Print Name: ________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________

(Please make checks payable to St. Joseph School)