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To: 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade hams, big-talkers, and all-around beautiful people! We have an outlet for you! It’s called speech league!

COACHES:  Mrs. Natalie Wendelin and Mrs. Cora Smith

Here’s the scoop.

You memorize a script and recite it in front of a classroom of people. The performance should last between five to ten minutes.  You do not use costumes or props, just your wonderful stage presence!  It is a one-night event consisting of three sessions lasting about an hour each. You perform your speech once in one of the sessions. If you choose to perform two different scripts you would need to attend two sessions. Many of you may want to stay the whole evening to enjoy the excitement of the night and to watch some of your friends perform.  All that participate at the declamation contest will receive either a first, second, or third place medal.


You may perform a monologue or a speech by yourself. This is the best bet if you aren’t available to make lots of practices or can’t meet with anyone outside of our regular practice times.  Some may choose to do a duet or a speech done with a partner.  If you choose to do a duet, choose a partner you can rely on, who will stick with it, and will keep up their grades so they won’t be ineligible.  Finally, you may choose to participate in a group speech with three to five people.



  1. Attend practice on January 24th or 26th to choose your script.
  2. Attend at least one practice a week the last week of January and during the four weeks of February.
    1. Practices are after school from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM.
    2. Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    3. Practices will start in the 5th grade classroom 
    4. Practices in January and February will be used to memorize and practice your script.
  3. Attend at least two practices a week in March.
    1. Practices are after school from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM.
    2. Practices are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
    3. Scripts are to be memorized by February 29th.
  4. Complete and sign an extra-curricular contract.
  5. Pay an extra-curricular fee of $30.00
  6. Complete the “Speech League” 2023 Registration Form
  7. Keep your grades up so you are eligible to compete.


The competition will be Monday, March 27th ion Peoria.  Last year the first session started at 4:45 PM and the third session was over by 7:30 PM. Results were posted throughout the evening with session three results posted by 8:00 PM. So, put this date on your calendar, and invite all your family and friends to cheer you on. There are concessions sold, so you aren’t in danger of starving!