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Teacher and School Wish lists

 Preschool - 3 year old class



Preschool - Mrs. Hinkle

Mrs. Hinkle's Preschool class



Kindergarten - Mrs. Bruner


Stamps ( We send about 6 cards each month out to homebound)

Dollar tree gift card

 Hobby Lobby gift card


1st Grade - Mrs. Coyer

First Grade Wish list


2nd Grade - Miss Oberle

  Miss Oberle's Amazon Wish list


3rd Grade - Mrs. Crouch

Third Grade wish list


4th Grade - Miss Melissant - coming soon



5th Grade - Mrs. Wendelin

Fifth grade Wish list


6th Grade - Mrs. Radovich


7th/8th Grade - Miss Moore


Dollar Tree

Crafters Square section

Painting canvas 11x14 (18)

Stretch canvas 5x7 (18)

Acrylic paint tubes - any color

School section

Activity tray - it is divided into four sections (9)

Tri-fold project display boards (9)

Poster boards - blue, red, yellow, green and orange

Hobby Lobby gift card for art supplies

Walmart gift card for general supplies


PE Class - Mrs. Walenta

PE Wish list

Champion Sport Pickleball    (need 2 sets)


Spanish Class - Sister Victoria



School Office wish list


Music Class - Mrs. Strauss

Mrs. Strauss Music Wish list