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SJS has a long tradition of providing a quality Catholic education for those who make the commitment to enroll their children here. My parents made that commitment to send all four of their children here, so I speak from experience! When we moved back home, my husband trusted me when I told him our boys would benefit immensely from a Catholic education at St. Joseph School; I am so glad he did!

Knowing the dedication this faculty has to continuing this tradition, I have been truly impressed with the many things our boys have learned and experienced. Many facets of their lives have been positively influenced.

Academically, their foundations are strong in reading, writing and mathematics. The opportunity for exposure to Spanish, as well as experience in science, computers and music are all bonuses that cannot be overlooked.

Their faith formation has amazed me; from a very young age, their understanding of our Catholic faith has been nurtured by living it daily in school. Their devotion to our Lord is reinforced through daily prayer, weekly mass and special Holy Day celebrations. They have taught us, by their example, how better to live our Catholic faith.

Part of living this faith is taught and encouraged by engaging our community through activities including caroling at nursing homes, visiting shut-ins, working at the soup kitchen, and even global "adoption" of friends in need across the globe. Stewardship is encouraged through participation in food drives, supporting recycling efforts within the school, and even when the older students assist the younger students.

Of course, what would school be without extra-curricular activities? Our boys have participated in the soccer program, school musical programs, band and choir. Our Jeffrey has also played basketball for several seasons, and Joshua cannot wait to join his older brother in Scholastic Bowl and track!

The decision to enroll our boys at SJS has been one we are very satisfied with. We feel very blessed to have this wonderful school in our community. It is our sincere hope that this tradition will be able to continue and thrive for many years to come. We encourage any parent or grandparent, guardian, aunt or uncle who has the opportunity to have the children in their lives join the SJS family to please do so--it is an investment into their future!

Rhodora Kabatay-Lee Ho, MD

SJS Class of 1986


We chose St. Joseph’s school for our children after exploring many public and private options with our first son and will continue through 8th grade with our second.  We found St. Joseph’s to be our “neighborhood” school - a school like we remember from our childhood, built upon a learning community that is concentrated on the growth of the individual child.   

St. Joseph’s offers superior academics.  The educators strive to dispense a well-rounded curriculum. Because they are not teaching to a standardized test, students gain experience in the Arts, foreign language, literature, music, hands-on skills, and theater.   Students are able to take field trips, which many public schools are doing away with in favor of “seat time.”  Our children have been able to travel to experience history and culture first hand.  Veterans come in to share their experience of sacrifice.  This school is stronger together because it takes advantage of opportunities to tie into the surrounding community.

As educators with a view of many districts, we are most happy with what we have observed in how well prepared students are coming from St. Joseph’s school.  Students are instilled with good study habits, note taking, and homework completion.  They arrive at high school with a mindset and goals that go beyond the 9-12 continuum.  Students’ drive and work ethic is developed at the younger ages and reinforced throughout their academic years via a rigorous curriculum.

The parish supports the school through financial donations and volunteers.  The school is constantly updating equipment to meet students’ needs.  Expertise of the community is employed.  The facility is well managed.  The building is kept immaculate by a phenomenal custodial staff.  And the meals are delicious!  The cafeteria still prepares homemade meals, and we enjoy being able to go in and eat with our child at lunch on special occasions.

On a personal note, teachers know our children.  Our oldest sometimes picks up his younger brother and the faculty and staff are always checking in with him, even though he graduated several years ago.  We feel welcome and have support from parish members, the priests, the office staff, parents, and professional educators in the school. The Church family respects our beliefs even though we are Protestant.  Our children have always been respected in their views, and the religious education gives our children a better perspective of history and a strong moral compass to guide their future endeavors.  Students are taught kindness, respect, proper community behavior, honor, faith, humility, a responsibility to give back, and that those of us who have been given many gifts have an obligation to do our best to serve others.  The study of religion is a huge hole in the public school curriculum. Understanding world religions gives context to both cultures and current events.

A key indication of the success of a student and a school is parent involvement which you have 100% at St. Joseph’s school. We have not seen a more engaged parent element in the schools.  There is a clear advantage of a St. Joseph’s education. Children are prepared to do well at the secondary level having learned the skills to succeed at high school and beyond.  We couldn’t recommend more highly the school for any child in our region and would like to thank the Church community in providing our children the best possible education.

Joel & Lynette Steger