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St. Joseph Extra Curricular Handbook 2020


At St. Joseph School we believe that each person is a unique creation of God and that every child has been given special gifts and talents. It is because of this philosophy that we offer enrichment and extra-curricular programs to our students. Listed below are some of the enrichment and extra-curricular programs currently offered at St. Joseph School.

Activity                         Grade

Art Club                          K-8

Band                              5 - 8

Choir                              4 - 8                                                                                      

Scholastic Bowl               6 - 8

Speech League               5 - 8

Student Council               7 - 8

Lego League                    3 - 8



Students may participate in athletic and/or extra-curricular activities if they meet eligibility requirements:

  1. Students must have a permission slip on file in the school office to participate  
  2. Students must have a current sports physical examination on file (only for baseball, softball, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, cross country, track)
  3. Students are adequately covered by insurance
  4. Student must have paid the activity fee before the first activity or performance.  In cases of hardship, please contact the principal to arrange a payment plan
  5. Students have returned the diocesan consent and liability waiver and the student/parent code of conduct with parent/guardian signature
  6. Students will have an acceptable attitude.  
  7. Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege.  Therefore, students forfeit the privilege if behavior, academic standards, and financial obligations are not met.  Athletic and/or extra-curricular activities do not take precedence over academics.


Requirements for meeting eligibility will include the following:

  1. Students participating in extra-curricular activities or sports must meet standards set by Illinois Elementary School Association (I.E.S.A.).
  2. Eligibility will be taken weekly during the season of the sport or activity.  Grades will be checked at the end of each week in the following subjects areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Language Arts, Spelling, Music, PE, Spanish, and Computers.            
  3. Students must be doing overall “C” average work when all subjects are averaged together.  There must be no F’s or U’s.
  4. At the beginning of each nine weeks, eligibility will be reported after the second week of grades.
  5. If a student is failing any subject, he/she will be ineligible the following Monday through Saturday and must raise his/her grade to meet eligibility requirements in order to be reinstated for the following week.
  6. Students who do not meet eligibility requirements will not be allowed to practice, participate or perform for that week.
  7. Students who become ineligible for three weeks in a row will no longer be a part of the team/participate in the activity.
  8. Students who chose to participate in practices, games, and/or performances while ineligible will be immediately removed from the extra curricular activity and/or athletic team for the season.
  9. The student must be in attendance a half day of class the day of a game/meet/performance in order to participate.  The Principal only, in consultation with the Pastor, must approve exceptions.  An example of an exception would be when a student needs to attend a funeral.
  10. The Principal only, in consultation with the Pastor, can make exception to eligibility rules within the I.E.S.A. regulations, as well as reinstatements.
  11. All parents and coaches will be notified on Monday of those students who are ineligible. 
  12. Students who receive a detention will be suspended from extra curricular activities for one week; in-school suspension for two weeks and an out-school suspension he/she will be removed from the activity/team.
  13. If a student is removed from an activity/team, then they will forfeit all awards for that activity/team.


All student athletes, contestants, and cheerleaders will be expected to maintain standards as defined below:

  1. To be in attendance at least a half day in the classroom the day of the game/event.
  2. To be present at all practice sessions and games unless excused by the coach.
  3. To present an explanation, written and signed by the parents, in the event of an absence from practice or game.
  4. To keep his/her uniform neat and clean and to return the uniform at the end of the season.
  5. To pay the cost or replacement for any damaged uniform.
  6. To take proper care of all equipment used.
  7. To cooperate with and show respect to all coaches, supervisors, school personnel, referees, and opponents.
  8. To play or cheer to the best of their ability.
  9. Use of vulgar language or outburst of temper will not be tolerated.
  10. Use of tobacco, alcohol, substance abuse, or any substance that alters mind, body or performance will disqualify the participant from team membership.
  11. Any act that is a felony or misdemeanor will disqualify the participant from the team membership.
  12. To abide by the above listed eligibility rules.
  13. To abide by the coach’s rules within the various activities.
  14. To promote a positive work ethic for personal growth and team development.

St. Joseph School reserves the right to remove student athletes, contestants, and cheerleaders from any school-sponsored activity if continued, inappropriate behavior occurs during the event.