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Why Choose St. Joseph School

By:  Valerie Dickson


As a former student, parent, employee, current Education Commission and Parish member, I am glad to have this opportunity to endorse Saint Joseph School. 

    St. Joseph School  is a “strong base” where many students have developed a stronger education and spiritual life.  Working with parents, St. Joseph's staff administers to the whole child through their grade school years. Understanding that each child is a gift from God, the staff is dedicated to the future of each student. The education  a child receives at SJS is competitive. Students are placed in higher academic classes as they move into high school.

Saint Joseph School children are very knowledgeable in their faith, supporting their spiritual growth.   The religious curriculum runs parallel with our Church’s traditional teachings, bringing a more thorough understanding, as they  continue to grow in their faith. 

Witnessing the growth of so many through the years at St. Joseph, it is easy to see how the strong base each child receives has helped them in their successes.  It is a blessing to have so many wonderful families that will always be a part our larger family here at Saint Joseph School.    



New School Families:  Our enrollment is a 2-step process.  The first step is to apply.  Once you apply, we will send you a link to complete your registration.  Please click the link below for the application.


Current School Families:   Please click the link below to complete the re-enrollment package.