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Alumni of the Year

CONGRATULATIONS!!  Alumnus of the Year 2019 - 2021 was awarded to Kelly Cash (1964-2019)


This award for Kelly Cash was accepted by her Husband and her children

Thank you for this incredible honor for our mom, Kelly. Words cannot express how blessed we feel to be part of this St. Joseph community.

We wish she could be here to accept this herself, although she would dislike all the attention. Our mom was a woman of great faith. She knew her time on earth was to be spent growing closer to God, so she could get to heaven and help those she loved to get there, too. She made sure we went to Church on the weekends, as well as on Holy Days of Obligation by sending out that little text reminder, “Hey don’t forget!” She taught us the importance of putting God first, having faith, and loving and caring for our family. She also taught us how important a good education is. She knew that a Catholic education was something to be proud of, and that it was what she and my dad wanted for their children. She supported our school throughout her life. I can’t tell you the number of field trips she went on, the amount of time spent helping with homework, and hours of coaching or cheering she and my dad did!

Looking back over the past year, I am so thankful that God let us keep her for as long as we could. She was here for the births of her newest grandchildren and their Baptisms. She went to every sporting event she possibly could, every school function, every dance recital, and every Mass that her children or grandchildren participated in (or made sure my dad was there if she couldn’t be). The last two Masses my mom was able to attend at Church were my son’s First Communion and Mother’s Day weekend. I don’t think she even realized at that time what was happening, but even though she was struggling, there was no telling her she was not going to Church. Resting was one of the very few things she did not do well. She did all the things a mother and grandma is called to do and so much more. We are so thankful for the many memories we have to cherish and keep in our hearts. The Sunday Masses and family dinners, celebrating every birthday and occasion together, after game talks and encouragement, help with school projects, the example of what a great marriage looks like, and the example of a great mother.

Our mom taught us to work hard, to have faith, and to trust God’s plan. Even when God’s plan is not what we want. You never know what life is going to throw at you, but trusting in God is a constant. She will forever and always be, a St. Joseph Saint. Thank you.