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Middle School

Last year, the SJS 6th grade class went above and beyond in  a spirit of giving. Under the guidance of former SJS teacher Paul Lewis, they collected money in the name of our late school custodian Dennis Caldwell. They then donated the money to Marion Medical Mission who used it to install a shallow well for the Malawi village Chidello. Previously, villages could only obtain water from a crude hole in the ground. This new well provides enough safe water for 60 people.

Marion Medical Mission states:

Safe drinking water means life not death for many in a place where one in five children die before their fifth birthday from water-borne or sanitation related diseases. The Shallow Well Program not only provides safe drinking water but also the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to manage and maintain the protected water source, so that the supply of water continues in future years. Where shallow wells have been built, water-borne diseases are eliminated.

SJS students and families have once again proven that they are generous. We are incredibly lucky to have such an atmosphere of giving! Mr. Caldwell’s name will live on for years to come, and he would be proud of our generosity!